In order to become a certified Nurse, you must pass through an exam help by the nursing association and they clear you to get your nursing License. Following are the main 6 steps.


Educational and identity proof

You must meet the basic requirements such as your id, high school diploma or its equivalent.



Get in to the Nurses training program near you. Every state has set training programs all over the state.


Submission of form

Submit the forms for the exam. You must pay the fees and get ready for the examination.


Criminal record clearance

Clear your past criminal or drug history by submitting your thumb print. Certain felonies prohibit you from becoming a nurse. Such as murder, violence etc.


Clearing exams

Clear the written and clinical examination. Show off your nursing skills which include the taking care of patients and other.



After clearing the exam, start working and work with heart because it will give you the reputation. A nurse’s work is valued because of their reputation.

Get Start Your Nursing License

How to get the nursing license in Florida

So, you have made you mind to be a nurse in Florida? Follow these steps to become one.

Basic requirement

you must meet the basic requirement such as high school diploma, 18years of age and id etc. Confirm the nursing license program closest to you, from your state and complete it.

Submitting the application

you will need to submit your application. Application will include your personal details from id card no. to security no., your height, weight, any medical history etc.

Submitting your fingerprints

you will submit your fingerprints for a thorough criminal background check, you will need to submit the examination fees, fingerprint fees and application fees.

Appear in Exam and clearing it

next you have to appear in the certification examination. It consists of two parts: written and clinical. In clinical exam, you have to perform a set of assigned tasks.

Maintaining your license

you must apply to work and stay employed to maintain a good reputation in your field.

Fraud and other options

if you are caught in health care fraud, your license will be terminated permanently. If you are planning to move out of state, consult the other state’s license policies and apply as a registered nurse.


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Frequently asked Questions

Get your answer’s here regarding the most common questions that are asked about licensing.

how to apply for nursing license Florida?

When you are applying for a nursing license, you must fulfill all the requirements such as basic diploma, age criteria, ID card, security license. Then get yourself in any nurse training program that is near you and gets the classes.

Then appear in the exam that will determine whether you will become a nurse or not. Before the exam, fingerprint scanning is very important. It shows if you have any past criminal record which may prevent you from becoming a licensed nurse.

You will be supervised in your exam by the seniors of this domain and you will get your results within few weeks.

how many CEU for a nursing license

CEU or Continuing Education Units or the Continuing Education Credits is the time that nurses who are yet to become professional, have to spend in the approved educational activities or educational courses.

One CEU is equal to 10 hours of instruction. In Florida, 24 hours of contact for at least 2 years of time is required. This includes the 2 hours of medical errors, 2 hours of FL Laws and Rules. 1 hour of HIV/AIDS training and 2 hours of domestic violence are also included.

This must be Florida every two years. The CEU varies with different programs of Nursing.

how to get a nursing license in Florida?

When you want to get a nursing license in Florida, you should have the educational requirements fulfilled. You should be 18 years of age or above and have a degree of high school or higher and some identification proof.

You will then attend the training school required to get the basic training. You will then appear in an exam to get evaluated for the nursing practice. You will show your nursing skill that you have learned in the training school, and after clearing the exam, almost after two weeks, you will get your license as a registered nurse.

how to transfer the nursing license to Florida?

In order to transfer the nursing license to Florida, you must apply to the Florida Board of Nursing (FBN). You will write an application to the FBN and if the board approves your application, you can practice as nurse without taking the exam to register your license.

This requirement simple, that nurse must have worked for at least three years before applying to Florida and must have a good reputation. But FBN wants you to have your licensed verified before you apply your application.

If your licensed is not approved, then you must appear in the state's approved examination and clear the exam.

How to apply for compact nursing license Florida

Compact nursing license is an inter-state barrier where the nurses can register themselves in one state and can qualify to work in many other states. It is also stated as the multi-state license.

This forum was introduced to enhance the nursing facilities and to encourage people to become a nurse and make other people's lives better. You will apply to the nursing board, and you will apply for the compact license.

You will get the license only after the board has approved by your reputation, your nursing degree, and your history.

how to renew nursing license Florida?

If you are a registered nurse in Florida then you have to renew your license every two years. The renewal of the nursing license is essential to keep practicing legally.

You must complete the CE requirements as well as the renewal requirements that are stated by the state of Florida. The renewal of a nursing license in Florida usually cost an amount of $80 if it is being done on time.

But if the renewal is late that you forgot to renew your license then your fee will be $135 which will also include the late fee charges.

How do I become a registered nurse in Florida?

To become a registered nurse in Florida, you should have your high school diploma or its equivalent, id card, etc. attend any registered nursing training program near you and then apply for the exam.

In the exam, there are two parts, written and clinical. The written exam has multiple choice questions, and clinical exam has task performance that includes your sanitary routine and taking care of patient routine.

After clearing the exam, you will get the licenses in two weeks and you will get registered as a certified nurse. Then you can apply to work as a registered nurse and start working.

How much does a Florida nursing license cost?

In Florida, the nursing license cost $$110 for the applications. When you apply for the exam, then you are supposed to submit your fees.

The usual fees for the application cost $110 while the cost of the examination fee is $200. You are supposed to submit both the fees at the time of application, and that is before you appear in the exam. Without submitting the fees, you are not allowed to sit or give the examination.

How do I get my CNA license in Florida

you must first qualify for the basic requirements of 18 years or more age, high school diploma, an id card, security no, etc. then attend a registered nursing program your state is offering. Then apply for the exam and appear in it.

Submit the fees and prepare yourself for the written exam. After written exam, clinical exam comes. In this, you have to show your skills as a nurse and what task you will be performing as a nurse.

These tasks include attending a patient, switching a bedridden patient side-ways and other. After you have cleared the exam, you start practicing.

How do I become an RN in Florida?

To become an RN in Florida or Registered Nurse, you must first register yourself in an associate degree program (AND) or in a bachelor’s degree program (BSN).

You are required with at least 15 credit hours of education in different subjects such as science, maths, English psychology and biology. The RN programs are usually 1 year long.

You will then take the examination of RN that is called as NCLEX-RN and usually 90% of all students appearing in these exams, clears it.

How do I get my LPN license in Florida?

To become a licensed practical nurse or LPN in Florida, you must enroll in the LPN programs in Florida by following the age requirement that is one should be 18 years or plus, you must have a documented high school diploma or GED or any higher degree. You must pass the drug history test.

Then you are required to appear in an examination that will determine your future as LPN. After clearing the written exam, you will show your skills as a nurse and how you will treat your patients with care and patience.

After clearing your clinical exam, you will get registered as an LPN.


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